Bar Supplies

Here is a list of the helpful tools of the trade for bartending. Bar supplies you will find useful and their descriptions.


The jigger is the main measuring device of the bartender. Sometimes 2 sided with one side measuring a shot (1.5 ounces) and the other side measuring 1/2 of a shot.
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The shaker is used primarily for chilling shots, and mixing drink ingredients thoroughly. When you see the term "strain over ice", this is what you do that with.
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The bar strainer is used either with a shaker, or if in a pinch a glass like a beer pint. Used to chill and keep ice out of your pour.
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Pour Spouts

Pour spouts are essential for the busy bartender. They help you regulate your flow from different bottles in a controlled manner. With a pour spout you don't have to guess at how much is in the bottle and how far to tip it before you get your liquid. With the spout you just turn the bottle over and the contents come out at the same rate every time.
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Bar Games

Bar Games like darts (special drinking version shown here) can add some fun.  Click here to buy