Angel Kiss

 drink recipe by: drink recipe by: CeREaL KiLLa

This is the ultimate Jello shooter drink.. great for parties!!!! All you need is:

Rasberry Jello Mix
Smirnoff Rasberry Vodka
Rasberry Sour Puss

Prepare Rasberry Jello mixed with Smirnoff Rasberry Vodka and chill 'till it's ready to be cut into decent sized approximate 1 oz cubes. Now, In a 2 oz shooter... drop the 1 oz Rasberry Vodka Jello cube into the glass and top off the shotglass In Rasberry Sour Puss. Raise the shot glass to your lips, tip back and enjoy!!!! This is the ultimate row 'em up and knock 'em down shot, with it's great taste and creeper drunken haze effects...

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