Cotton Candy Cosmo

 drink recipe by: drink recipe by: Tammy

1oz apple vodka
1oz raspberry sour puss
cotton candy
Splash of cranberry juice

Put a handful of cotton candy in the glass, add apple vodka, raspberry sour puss and cranberry juice over the cotton candy and enjoy...

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comment from: Barb

YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS they have them at East Side Marios if you ever go and now they serve the kids shirley temples with a side of cotton candy as well. Serai would love that!! This drink is awesome. My sister-in-law and I couldn't stop drinking them lol

comment from: James

I wonder if you could make a solely virgin Cotton Candy Cosmos substituting in juices from apples, raspberries, and cranberries? <a href="">nova scotia cottage rentals</a>

comment from: Roger Federer

MAN I LOVE DIS SHIT SO GOOD <3's -the fed19