Irish Trash Can

 drink recipe by: drink recipe by: Chaston

Curacao, blue 1 part
Gin 1 part
light Rum 1 part
Peach Schnapps 1 part
Triple Sec 1 part
Vodka 1 part
Red Bull 1 can

Fill Collins glass full of ice, then add all liquors and stir/shake. Add full can of Red Bull. It will float and slowly seep down the glass, turning the mix green, hence the name Irish Trash Can!

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comment from: deb lyons

Can anyone tell me how to scale this up to make a 5 gallon recipe?

comment from:

Deb Lyons, You asked about making 5 gallons of Irish Trash Can. Well the best I came up with (as I dont have that large of a punch bowl, along with not having that huge of a party) is this simple calculation which will equal about 3 1/4 gallons. If you pour one 1.75 liter bottles of the six liquors and then add five 12 ounce cans of Red Bull, you'll have about 3.25 gal of this drink. This would inevitably cost (on average) $150 for all 7 ingredients.

comment from:

Previously I was a little short on the quantity of Red Bull to equal 3.25 gal. The original recipe for a glassfull of this drink misled me as it only states "One Part" of each liqour for each 1 can of Red Bull. So instead of five 12 oz cans, I would say we would need to triple that (alot more money too as RB is quite costly) to 15 (12oz.) cans of Red Bull !!