Pink Panty Droppers

 drink recipe by: drink recipe by: CSU Chico Student

Warning this is going to sound really gross but it tastes great. (Girls love getting sloshed off it too!)

Get the worst beer you can, preferably Keystone Ice or Light, the cheapest handle of 80 proof Vodka availiable, and 3 cans of frozen Pink Lemonaid concentrate.

In a BIG pitcher mix the 12 pack with the 3 cans of concentrate and 36 to 40 shots of Vodka. Stir together and you have the best tasting, most alcoholic drink possible.

Ratio: 18 shots and 6 beers to every
1 1/2 cans concentrate.

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We called this "Strip and go naked" and drank it in high school and college. It is quite yummy!!