Sex With An Alligator

 drink recipe by: drink recipe by: John

Equal parts of Midori, Malibu rum and Pineapple juice
Shake and strain into a chilled cocktail glass
Drop a drizzle of Chambord & let fall to the bottom of the glass
Float a thin layer of Jagermeister on top

I am not sure where this drink originated, but it is a very popular shooter in Florida and Louisiana. It is a takeoff of the popular cocktail, Sex on the Beach and is just as tasty and fruity. This is aptly named as it will bite like an alligator or have you wondering just what you did while drinking them last night. The Jagermeister gives it just a little snap without the full Jagermeister flavor.

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comment from: jen

Love, love, LOVE this drink. I drink it in a martini glass. This is the better way to make it vs. with sweet n sour mix.