Apple Pie Shot (using Everclear)

 drink recipe by: drink recipe by: Michael Maine

Apple pie drink recipe #1

190 proof grain alcohol - 1 bottle
Apple juice - 1 gallon
White sugar - 3 cups
Apple cier - 1 gallon
Cinnamon sticks - 8

bring juice, cider, sugar, and cinnamon to a boil then shut off.
Mix alchol after cooled

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comment from: Anonymous

One bottle grain alcohol is that a liter?

comment from: Anonymous

After everything is mixed and bottled where do u store it

comment from: Anonymous

Milk gallon jugs with fresh cinnamon need to remove the ones you started cooking with...they lose their flavor anyhow.

comment from:

Does it have to be stored in clear glass or jugs, or can I store it in tinted glass, like a dark wine bottle or growler?